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Verbal Area Messenger

A free audio and video chat software for making new friends
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Verbalarea is an audio/ video chat software for chatting in a group or 1on1 chatting (private messaging). It is a free chat software for any one age 10 and above. Verbalarea has categorized its chat rooms in different categories for users to easily identify their area of interest and join a specific chat room easily.
Chat rooms on Verbalarea are fully moderated. These chat rooms are created, opened and moderated by users and such users are knows as room owners (or room admins, if the room owner assignes the responsibility of moderationg their rooms to their friends). Room Owner and Room Admins have @ sign with their nicks and such admins can red dot (take away the ability to speak, write text and/ or publish cams in the room), bounce (kick the user from that room for 24 hours) or ban (restrict the entry of a user in their room till hey are unbanned again) from the rooms for better moderation of their rooms.
Verbalarea also has a word filter feature that stop any curse words appear in the G rated rooms. If a user types these words and wants to send these in the room, the text containing such words does not appear in the rooms at all.
Verbalarea is a freeware program but has some additional features which are available to those users who opt to purchase such special features. Such features include (but are not limited to) bannersless services, ability to join more than one rooms, ability to see more than one streaming cams in rooms etc. Such users are also allotted coloured nick names to depict what service of Verbalarea they are using. Following colors are being used by them (in order of payment and service features from lesser to higher): -
Black (Free nick for every one)
Blue (for males)/ Pink (for females)
Program is managed by Verbalarea Support Staff (such staff has red nick names and can be reached by entering Verbalarea Help Lobby, where they are available 24/7). These program administrators can provide online assistance of different issues like chat room issues, audio and video set up support, issues with user accounts etc.

Abbas Jafar
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  • Moderated chat environment
  • High Definition sound
  • Streaming videos
  • Colored nick names
  • 24/7 online support
  • easy to use GUI
  • private and secure chat
  • word filtering
  • built in echo for karaoke and live singing
  • arabic language support
  • Low prices of services
  • Manage your custom messages to show your online/ awa ystatus
  • Show others what room your are in


  • Being beta version, some features are disabled
  • Text is little slow to appear in room
  • Auto starts on starting PC
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